The Eshel Hashomron Hotel is the only Jewish-Israeli hotel located in Samaria.

The Eshel Hashomron Hotel is located at the very heart of Samaria, the land of the Bible, and serves as a pioneer in bringing Israelis and tourists attracted by the Biblical and historical sites from all corners of the world. The beautiful Eshel Hashomron Hotel is surrounded by the Biblical stories that took place in the area, enveloped by olive, fig and carob trees.

Some of the most senior architects and engineers in Israel were employed in order to create a hotel that blends into the surrounding hills. It is a place for inspiration, for acquiring values and understanding, and for studying the roots of the people of Israel in the Land of Israel. 


The enchanting waterfall, the date palm trees, the breathtakingly beautiful pool, the tastefully, decorated dining rooms and meeting halls, and of course, the 98 spacious guest rooms: all create an atmosphere of pampering hospitality and culinary enjoyment.

TEL: 03-9366841 | FAX: 03-9364367

TEL: 03-9366841 | FAX: 03-9364367