Hotel Surroundings

The location of the hotel in the heart of a region rich in Biblical events allows the visitor to enjoy the many tourist attractions located only a short distance from the hotel. These site bridge between the events of the Biblical period and the events of our time.

Here is a small sampling of the local attractions:

Is a unique Biblical park which focuses on the biblical events that occurred in this area. In it is also a replica of the Tabernacle as described in the Bible unique for its accuracy in size and appearance.
The largest city in Samaria boasts a university, a challenge park, cultural center and a soon to be opened mall.
Was the first capital of Israel, for about 369 years before Jerusalem became the capital. Here stood the Tabernacle, with the Ark of the Covenant, where the high priest officiated.
There are archaeological remains from the Biblical period and a multimedia presentation.
Is the center of the present day Samaritan community. Visit the archaeological excavations and Samaritan Museum.
Where you can visit the remains of the altar built by Joshua, son of Nun.
The place where this land was promised to Abraham. The view is breathtaking.
These two award-winning, boutique wineries provide a glimpse into the wine-making industry, a craft that goes back to the Biblical period in this area.

*It is possible to buy a combined ticket for Shiloh, the Tura and Bracha Wineries and the Bible Story Garden.

TEL: 03-9366841 | FAX: 03-9364367

TEL: 03-9366841 | FAX: 03-9364367